Any new tv+broadband deals guys?!

Found 29th Dec 2017
Hey there guys! My one year cheapsies virgin contract is about to expire and they basically said they were going to double the price we were paying! We need a new deal! Maybe switching to something else. Is there anything good worth going for? Thanks!
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Have a look at MSE's Broadband Unbundled comparison page to start with. It looks like some deals might also have to be bought separately if choose unbundle deals as well though may work out just as cheap as what you had.

'Unbundling' means getting services from multiple providers - ie, TV from one and broadband/phone from another - so you'd need to sign up to at least two other providers. Untick the box that offers this option if you don't want to include Unbundled deals.

There are also option buttons for sorting and filtering so you can compare what you might be paying throughout the year of your contract if it helps any.
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Call them up on 150 and tell them you are thinking of cancelling to go to another provider unless they can offer you a better deal. If they don’t then ask to be put through to cancellation team then speak to them about it. They will offer you a deal, it may not be quite as cheap but it should be a good offer.

Have you considered dropping the tv and using something like nowtv/Netflix/prime etc the tv is a complete rip off.
If it helps anyone, I managed to get a new deal. 200mb broadband, TV xl, phone line rental with free weekend calls for £40 a month (12 months). Plus they also gave me 3 months free sky cinema.
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