any news on wii s

    just wanted to know if anybody knew of any wii s knocking about in wakefield area or any news of when in stock


    been in meadowhall today and house of frasier had a big display outside their shop with wii's and ds lite's to play on, appaerently there is a massive shipment due next week. so might be worth a trip into a house of frasier to get an exact date or to see if you can reserve one.
    i did hear (but don't know how true) that up until now they have been shipping them by boat which takes three weeks, but now have started to fly them in, and that there is going to be more available

    Does anyone know if any in lincoln?

    Nope none in Lincoln as my friend was after one and they are selling out within minutes of opening shop

    i am going into town tomorow, so i will look around. I hope im lucky

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    thanks mate will try theres is 10% off this week too that would be extra nice a wii with 10 %
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