Any of you fine people been to Bali and if so would you recommend it?

    As it says on the tin, worth an adventure?


    If you like the sound of noisey motorbikes...yehhhh !!!

    No to be honest its a good place but very busy with motorbikes coming left right and centre ! Nice beaches, easy to get to other places.

    I was there when the bomb went off in 2002 !! not saying a bomb will go off, but probably cleaned up since i went.

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    Kool im mulling over a spring break there for a month or so!

    What tin?

    Think i went there for approx 4 weeks, went travelling for a yr !! Nice place as long as your not looking for something excotic.....!! like Seychelles, Fiji etc !


    Was there in March for 3 weeks.

    Magical island. Magical People.

    Make sure you go to the Elephant Safari and have an hour ride on an Elephant through the Zebras and Rhinos. Play with the young tigers and Oran Utans and have photos taken with them.......for approx £35 for the day. Hire a car with driver (I have the phone number of someone we used all the time - and trusted with my hotel key - when I found I arrived at the park without my camera he drove us there and back effectively twice...... for approx £25 per day

    Ask away .... We stayed in Legion (next to Kuta), Nusa Dua and Sanur.


    There are two safaris - this is the best one :…php its $59 for the elephant safari and $39 for kids - and you can even stay there!!!

    Don't bother going to the Ubud Monkey forest...... It's not worth the effort and the monkeys are actually quite vicious.

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    No, but I was watching Bondi rescue Bali edition on CBS reality and it looked nice lol.
    Friends and family (on varying budgets) have been and all say that they had a great time and that the locals are really friendly.

    No it's bad **** dude waiting for that imminent court date not knowing if your getting sent down or just going to get off with a fine, wouldn't recommend it.

    Edit.. R right no never been to bali

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    My sister was there for a couple of months and she is dying to go back, she met ppl there and at night they used to sit on the beach and watch the sunset, she said it was amazing
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    Thanks guys, lifes to short to let it pass you buy!

    guv enjoyed the monkeys
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