Any of you guys with economy energy?


So economy energy knocked at my door today and they ran me through some stuff and I was happy enough with what they said and said yes to switching. We are PPM so what's the worst that can happen right, their prices are lower and there is no standing charge - woo.

Anyway, I have since been looking up reviews online and it seems like not a lot of people like them and now I'm concerned. The guy said we have 14 days to cancel so I am looking for some input on whether or not I should, but also some of the reviews said they are impossible to contact so cancelling is a b**** and that worries me now too!



Tell your existing supplier that you don't wish to switch

Buying anything from a knock on the door isn't really the best thing to do.

Tbh you'd probably get a better deal going direct as the salesman will have a cut.
Personally I'd run through a couple of comparison sites and as well as direct then see if there is any difference.

If a random sales man knocking in the door can offer you a better deal then your current you should be able to get an amazing deal looking around yourself

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Hmm, will try give them a call and cancel the switch tomorrow. If I can't get through as so many reviews suggest I will contact the current supplier and give them a heads up.

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23 minutes on hold but they answered, then spoke for about 6 minutes about the benefits of economy energy and asking why I wanted to cancel

I made up that my landlord pays the bills and doesn't want us to switch and says he cancelled it right away. I think I will still contact british gas though and tell them because I really don't like the reviews of this company and I'm scared they will just continue with the switch. With that said, the guy on the phone was polite about the situation unlike what you get when trying to cancel Sky!
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