Any offers on for Nesquik Strawberry Milkshake powder (300 or 500g)??

Found 14th Jan 2012
Hi, I'm looking for any offers for Nesquik strawberry milkshake powder for my niece. I've visited mysupermarket.co.uk and apparently the 300g one is offer at Sainsbury's but my local store only stocks the 500g at full price.

Have any Morrisons or Co-op shoppers spotted whether this product is currently on offer?
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Nestlé Nesquik Strawberry Powder (300g) - £1 until 31/01/2012 at Sainsbury's

Though I wonder if Governments accross the world have managed after 20 years to implement the World Health Assembly recommendations on controlling the infant formula companies and encourage breastfeeding instead of using infant formula. Nestlé was the target of a boycott because it contributed to the unnecessary death and suffering of infants around the world by aggressively marketing baby foods in breach of international marketing standards [allegedly].

More information can be found at the following: April 1982 - Issue 110 -- New Internationalist
I'm sure lidl have this as a weekend offer.
Loads of 300gm Strawberry, Banana & Chocolate ones for £ 1.00 (dropped from £ 1.92) at my local Sainsbury at Upton, Wirral.
lidi have nesquik half price this weekend 500g for £1.44
Thanks for your posts - unfortunately only the chocolate version is on offer at Lidl this weekend.
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