Any one ever been to the Dominican Republic?

    I am planning my honeymoon for this july and I am considering Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic - Riu Mambo Clubhouse Hotel. All inclusive.

    Has anyone been to this area and if so what did you think? I know it is hurricane season between June and Oct but I think it is at most risk in aug/sept on. I have read in the north the weather is mainly good in the summer.

    Any help would be greatful - want it to be a special holiday.


    i haven't been there
    my mom likes this place, Dominican republic, puerto rico - think you'll love it too

    best regards

    Hi, I looked into this a few months back, but found a lot of mixed reviews (google trip advisor website, reviews & photo's from guests).

    Ended up booking Barbados instead - and now booked our wedding over there as well

    We stopeed at the Iberostar Costa Dorada and had a fantastic time.

    Fantastic gardens, grounds, beach, rooms, lovely big pool, nice food and very friendly staff.

    We had about half an hour of rain, well i say rain, more like a monsoon but it was great to watch and was over very soon.

    We have also stopped at the Iberostar Varadero in Cuba and we did have a hurricane, think it was Dennis, but it's just the chance you take with that part of the world.

    Would definately recommend staying at the Iberostar Costa Dorada, you will have a great time.

    Hope that helps, any info or pics let me know. :thumbsup:

    the nature is great there, have a great time!!!

    I can certainly recommend it and would go back in an instant if our children weren’t so young!

    We went last April/ May on a belated Honeymoon and had one of the best holidays ever and we have travelled to a lot of places! In all fairness the hotel we stayed in had a lot to do with this and the staff were fantastic! I could not recommend the Iberostar Costa Dorada enough and having been spoiled would not want to stay anywhere else should I return!

    Link to the reviews on ]trip advisor

    When we booked the agent also recommended the Riu but we never had the opportunity to have a look so can’t comment there.

    me! i was there couple of years ago, costa dorada is agreat place, hope you have the best honeymoon ever!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your comments, they have been lots of help.

    I think my fiancee is just a bit worried about the weather in July time and this is the only thing holding us back.

    Will have another think. Thanks again everyone!!


    Thanks for all your comments, they have been lots of help.I think my … Thanks for all your comments, they have been lots of help.I think my fiancee is just a bit worried about the weather in July time and this is the only thing holding us back.Will have another think. Thanks again everyone!!

    Nah, just go for's a fab place, weather is 99% lovely and hot !! 8-)

    Original Poster

    We are limited to days in which we can fly out as we want to go the day after the wedding or the day after that.

    The package we are looking at is flying from London (I live in Northern Ireland) so will probably fly to london on the day after the wedding and then say one night then fly to Dominican Republic the next day.

    Anyone know where the best place for cheap flights from Belfast to London (Gatwick) are. Or and Ideas of the cheapest way to get to gatwick from Belfast (i.e. Fly to manchester then get train or fly to hethrow then use the underground to Gatwick area?)

    'Fraid not, but I have been to Skegness :whistling:

    In all seriousness though, my ex went there a while ago and from the way he's always gone on about his holiday, he absolutely loved it. From the pictures I've seen, I'd be chuffed to be going there for my honeymoon :thumbsup:

    have you thought about going from manchester, we flew to costa dorada peurto plata in oct 06 for our honeymoon, we found that they were the cheapest to fly from if you have to go from london and are getting there by train try to go from gatwick cause the gatwick express runs on time and is fairly cheap, also haggle over everything when you are there including the trips cause they will try to rip you off, and have fun spotting how many people you can see on a motorbike, our highest number was a mum dad 2 kids and a buggy!!!! you'll see what i mean:thumbsup:

    My Son And His Ex Went To Costa Rica In The Dom Republic Last Year But They Found The Poverty Of The People Hard To Take ,it Ruined The Holiday A Bit For Them .
    If That Would Not Bother You, The Hotel And Service Were First Class And So Was The Weather. Have A Lovely Honeymoon Wherever You Both Go.

    me!! it is so great there hope you have the best time ever!

    Original Poster

    All booked up, thanks for the help everyone.

    Leave 6th July for 1 night in london and then 7th July head for 2 weeks in the Dominican Repulic
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