Any one ever Delt with CEX?


    Been looking at

    This places sells things at all kinds of crazy prices for example a D900 Samsung 2nd hand for £170 when you can find them new for less than £100.

    I was looking on the site and they say they pay £6 cash for 1gb SD memory card these can be found for less than £4 new.

    Anyone ever used these places for making a bit of cash.

    The shops are always full of stock (no wonder for the mad prices they ask).


    yeh a friend of mine made quite a bit out of them buying some obscure dreamcast game a while ago after he found out they paid a ridiculous price for it and he could buy houndreds of them from an american eb**yer. He flooded literally all the shops around london with them.

    My brother uses them for selling on games & DVD's, usually doubling his money (he'll stand in a shop & check CEX buying prices on his PDA before picking up S/H 'bargains'). He tends to take credit as this pays better but even with cash you can still turn a profit or get a good price on the right items.
    They swing wildly between extremes though...I've picked up S/H DVD's & games cheaper than other places but I've also been amazed at some of the massively ramped up prices & poor trade-in prices on other items.

    It's very hit and miss, as others have said...not always easy to find something worth selling on tho them so you'll make money, but when you do find something it's a nice easy earner. At the moment I am buying a certain game for £9.99 and selling it on to them at £22 each time.

    If you are selling via the website (as I do, cos there is no store too close to me) just make sure you send the stuff recorded delivery!
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