Any one for Photoshop Tennis

    For those who dont know, Photoshop Tennis is a game whereby someone chooses a starting image, it could be anything, though generally a decent sized high resolution image usually works best, and then people edit the image following the guidelines that the person who posted the original image lays down, then post their image, then people edit the edited image and post their creations, and so on, the game ends when people stop posting new edits.

    There are no winners or losers in the game, it is an exercise in collaborative creation, and fun! Often quite cool pictures can be created in this way. And though the thread is called Photoshop Tennis, you dont need to use Photoshop to participate, any decent image editing program will do.

    Each image should contain at least 20% of the previous image.

    Please Google photoshop tennis if this doesn't make sense.


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    Please remember nothing rude though !!!

    The Tumble Weed Rolls By


    maybe tomorrow lol
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