Any one for Wwe network sharing? Can you do it?

Posted 31st Mar 2022
So they no longer offer the free wwe one month trials any more and it costs £10 for one month

So the question is

Has any one got the WWE network and can you stream 2 different devices at the same time from different houses to watch a live event like wrestlemania?

Had a look here but still not sure

Only one user is permitted to watch WWE Network content at a time, however we currently allow you 2 active streams for those times you need to move from one room to another without missing the action.

If it is possible? Kids want to watch it would any one who has it set up like a 1 off one month share just for wrestlemania this weekend paying £5 each is better then £10

But but scared it will not work at the same time? Any one ever done if before?
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