Any one had BT FTTP installed recently?

Posted 29th May

Fibre to the Property from BT has just been made available where I live, meaning I can get 1gbps connection.

However i know that they must install some new equipment (ONT) for this, does anyone have a picture of a recent install as I am led to believe that the new ONT is smaller than the older one, just need to work out how much wall space I am going to need?

Thanks in advance
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Nope mine is a bigger box from 2018. I’ve heard much smaller now
I think they stopped supplying battery backup units with the ONT's so the enclosure is smaller. We had FTTP installed last November and got the smaller ONT.

I had wanted a BBU as rural=power cuts, ended up making my own from a CCTV UPS that sits in the comms cupboard.
Thanks, so it looks to be a smaller one that will be installed.
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