any one know anything about this satnav

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Found 6th Jun 2009…tml

i got this satnav and it works apart the the gps bit it says failed to connect to satilite any idea and is it possible for me to install linux or windows on to it thanks

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does it need extra reciver to connect to the gps

Forgive me for saying but :-) You say it works apart from it not connecting to sat's. Surely a sat nav should connect to sats for it to work?????

You don't need an external reciver with this, sounds like yours is broken

I hope you didn't pay the advertised £170 for it off that awful looking site? It's not even a photo of the actual satnav, just a drawing!! Doesn't even tell you what maps it uses and from the spec, it looks no better than the £45 Navigo from ebuyer.

Just done a search on Google and the only company that has any mention of this brand is the company you bought it off.
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