any one know some where good for work experiance

    hi i currently have to look for a work experiance placement but am haveing no look i like active things and am quite good at builing/repairing pcs so somethign onlong them lines would be cool im from around the cardiff area so any were any one knows


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    I think in an office environment they usually don't give you that much responsibility so you'll end up being the tea boy / photocopier - or maybe make a few simple phone calls.

    If you like more sporty things how about teaming up with a tennis coach for a week - or go to the sports centre and ask if there is anythign they can suggest?

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    all things local in sports center is gone due to my origianl placement failing the health and saftey now im left with what the other people did not want which seems like working in a shop so i was hopeing people might know less obvious things but thanks for ure help butterflies and to be honest spod i dont want to be a fudge packer but if thats what you like doing it fine

    A few boys I know did work experience last year - and they went through their parents personnel office to get a placement. But that was all boring office stuff!

    Do you know anyone who works in the leisure industry? I mentioned tennis coach because those I know are self employed, but run sessions through our tennis club. You also have private gyms! I think they are pretty easy going! How about working with a personal trainer? YOu could look in the yellow pages and phone a few! The research is good training anyway - and I reckon if you told a teacher what you'd been up to they would be pleased with you!

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    yeh im going to ring the local gyms thanks not only do i do sumin fun but i get to use the eqipment for two weeks free thats sounds great lol thanks just hope there not gone now

    you might need to repair your keyboard first - it keeps spelling experience wrong!

    were are you based

    black gerbil1;6050257

    were are you based

    Says in OP.

    if your young try and get one that will offer you a saturday job after,

    girls most hairdressers offer saturday jobs after, boys could do retial?

    i remeber after mine all my friends had satuday jobs and i had nothing lol, i went to a graphics company.


    You could always apply to be an extra on Torchwood.

    ahhhhhhhhhhh man id go and work for BG :-D
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