Any one know where to buy gas fire round coals

    i have searched online for gas fire round coals and cant seem to find any good deals anyone know were i can buy some decent roud gas fire coals i know you can buy the square coals they no good and are cheap as i hav ethem already and just fall apart in my gas fire evry week need cleaning you can buy th eoriginal round coals which last for years cant seem to find any good ones please help thanks


    Just checked on ebay - searched for gas coal, and they have what you want on buy it now for £28.99 and £6.50 p&p item number: 4440488010

    even better: 140303747735 cheap as chips on ebay!!

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    even better: 140303747735 cheap as chips on ebay!!

    thanks ever so much i did see these but my gas fire takes the original just black ones i am looking fo rthem but in black the round i dont know if i can use them in my gas fire

    as you can see on ebay there is loads of them cheapy ones they are fakes as i alreday bought them and they need to be cleaned each week as the come apart so easily ever so annoying so am looking fo rth eones you found but in black thanks
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