Any one know where to get a hard drive connecter for a Dell Studio Laptop 1737 ?

    I've just ordered a new laptop from the Dell outlet (1737).
    I know they have bays for two HD's with the boot drive in the first one, I'm also fairly sure you need a connector to get another HD in the other bay.
    I'm told that Dell charge about 80 quid for this !!!! Anyone know another supply for this bit ?



    I'm not sure what you mean by a connector , do you mean a caddy . This device screws on to the HDD and then slides into the laptop case .I have 2 caddys for a Dell laptop , not sure what model there from ,but there brand new and have never been used ................I dont own a Dell. Some caddys on ebay were about £15.

    is this the sort of thing you mean ??[/IMG]

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    I believe (and I maybe wrong !) that Dell motherboards don't have standard pin outs and you need to get a connector to convert the edge connector to a bog standard ide or sata. Something like this..


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    Ahh that looks like it might be the thing, but will it work on a Studio ? I notice on ebay that there are different types for different models ??? You have any spec sheets of info with them ??

    Right , I see where your coming from , yes the drive connector , not the caddy or HDD holder.Yes ,lots of laptops use the very same ones as above .The picture shows I have 3 ,connectors and caddys and there from DELL laptop drives ,so they should fit. I dont have any details on them .
    £80 you say ,wow ................................well mine are only £79.99 ..................

    just kidding .You can have a caddy and connector for a fiver including First Class P& P .

    With my Vostro 1710, all I needed to connect my second harddrive was a blue cable, if memory serves true. I'd wait until the laptop arrives so you can have a peek inside before you start buying parts for it. You might be able to get a new cable just by putting in a dodgy warranty claim for one, sort-of along the lines of "Hi, yeah, harddisk didn't work, did two-way swap with the cable and my cable is broken, can you send me out a new one? Kthx" .

    That's pretty much what I did, anyway. Except, I used a little of my nerdmagic and got a whole extra 160GB harddisk sent out too.

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    Thanks dxx, not a bad idea ! Care to share how you got the HD out of them ??

    ricko, can I wait til I get it (end of next week). I have a feeling that they don't come with a caddy so I'll properly need one. I'll pm you if that's ok ?

    OK ,no problem…187

    You can also get them for around $10 from the dell USA or Canada website, but they won't ship worlwide.
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