Any one know why the THE EVENT is not show on channel 4 any more?

Found 24th Jan 2011
The Event is us thriller it was show on channel 4 before Christmas, but for some reason it's out off screen. On the channel 4 website say The Event will return to our screens in early spring 2011. anyone know why?
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Should cancel this crap and bring back flashforward
American shows tend to have a mid season break of a month or two. The Event is one of them.
the event, supernatural, flashforward, all brill programmes, dexter as well
big gap in america for some reason, bigger than usual.
will be back end of feb over there
Smallville and Supernatural both start again on the 28th Jan
Mid season break as per usual with most of the USA show.
Not as big a gap as last year mind.
NBC have cancelled it now, so they are on the look out for a new network to show it on. I'm doubtful.

Personally I've really enjoyed it once it's got going. I think the episodes since it started up again have been a lot stronger than the initial ones before Christmas. Only thing is in that time they've lost an awful lot of viewers, and when you don't really promote the fact that it's coming back and letting people know, the ratings slip down again.

Channel 4 have pushed it into the midnight timeslot, meaning anyone with a 9-5 job, has to stay up until 1AM in the morning, or catch it on 4oD on a 15 inch computer screen, instead of their 40 inch plasma.

I don't think many people can stick with a series when it's shown on TV. They'd rather watch reality tosh like Gypsy Wedding, or that Dating in the Dark guff. Anyway, what's done is done, but I think Channel 4 gave up on it too easily....just like they did with LOST.
Nevermind the event, where has shameless gone?
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