Any one on Entranet/UKFSN

    I have now received full details from Enta of the new products they are
    launching. These are the result of the product review Enta have just
    completed which included a lot of input and feedback from UKFSN and
    other Enta partners.

    Details are on our website at…tml

    I am glad to note that Enta have incorporated a number of suggestions I
    made when I met them and in subsequent discussions.

    As I stated some time ago I am confident that these new products will
    meet the needs of UKFSN customers well.

    These new products will be introduced from 30th March with individual
    customer contracts being changed to these on the customer billing date
    following 30th March - ie if your billing date is 6th of the month the
    new product will replace the existing one on 6th April.

    Jason Clifford


    Whaaaat, they don't like to explain things to the less technical among us do they? I have no idea what this means -- I get that 'off peak' is changing from starting at 10pm to starting at midnight but what on earth do the 'allowance' packages relate to? No where does it seem to explain what usage allowance 1 refers to -- it can't possibly mean 1 gig a month can it?

    *scratches head*


    sounds like a typical isp response to "whys my net so **** and slow?" ,,,,only joking
    but yeah i' m with you why cant they just say "we're working on improving things but the price is goin up"
    cos in my limited experience 99% of statements from backbone providers equate to that anyway

    Allowance 30 means 30GB allowance. Unlimited usage from midnight - 8am Mon-Fri and all Sat/Sun

    Original Poster

    I get it now...I am currently on Home Max 30 -- so this means I will be going on to the 'allowance 30' package...same off peak usage, but the hours are different and then it's 'free' usage off peak but they are going to be doing traffic shaping in those hours.

    I think

    None of the Entanet resellers do any kind of traffic shaping. I think you may have confused shaping with the ALT.
    During hours of heavy use a system called the anti-loss tool (ALT) is used, so most people's maximum download rate is reduced between 2200 to 0200 hrs. It can never go below 2Mbit/s.
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