any one used

    any one used this site before? it looks a bit too good to be true on the Zune they have.

    ofcourse i would be getting delivery to the uk.

    thanks for your advice.



    I'm just looking at that deal to mate. Looks quite strange how they sell in $ but are based in london. Perhaps worth giving a wide berth unless someone can tell us otherwise???

    I have just emailed them to see what kind of response i get. Will let you know what is said

    It all seems a little too cheap doesn't it. You would expect that if it was genuine, that at those prices it would be more popular.

    I've been trying to report this as a likely phishing site for a couple of days. Nobody seems to want to know though.
    I was looking for a cheap Samsung CLP300 printer and Google Shopping bought this up priced in pounds though on the site it is dollars.…166
    I registered, went to buy and noticed I wasn't taken to a secure payment gateway. You're just supposed to enter your credit card details into an insecure script.
    The site was registered a few days ago and there is no mention of it elsewhere on the web. There is little branding on the site and it looks like a generic electronics store script and shopping cart you could pick up anywhere. Stay away!

    After registering I went back in and changed my details to false ones. It's only address, email and phone number but I can do without the spam!

    Original Poster

    thanks markbloke...... guess ill keep looking around for a bargain zune then! Gijimmy

    Stinks doesn't it? I've ordered the printer three times off Dixons in the last week but it's always cancelled. I thought I was on to something.....

    Just to put the icing on the cake:…php

    "For third party verification, please view our GeoTrust and Website Profiles by clicking the images below: "

    No images! There is no security!
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