any one used Flubit - Fireworks Merchant Limited

    got an offer from fireworks merchant by flubit are they any good?


    I've bought stuff via flubit from them before. I got the items I ordered and they all appeared new. Never had to try returns or anything like that so can't comment there.

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    bought of flubit once but never of fireworks merchant i have heard that it is them?


    I ordered some RAM for my PC from them, never turned up but refunded me without any drama.

    Yeah seems to be their main supplier tbh most of my flubit stuff comes from them
    Never had any problems

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    asda selling the item £49.99 got offered £45 don't know if it is worth it anyone used asda grorge what is the packing like buying lego

    Tried them once, estimated delivery date came and went with no communication so I sent a message. Got a reply 3 days later saying sorry we don't actually have the item in stock and cancelled my order.

    So yeah, they didn't impress me

    Always seems to be them that win, been fine for me

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    looks like hit and miss think will go with asda grorge just hope it is packaged good

    Used them before, they simply place an order at amazon, ebuyer or whatever they are getting the goods from (obviously commission based) and then ship it to you either direct as a dropship or from them.
    Legit company.

    used them plenty of times without any issues

    Yes I've had a few things off them no problems but never had to return anything

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    the item has a month wait from amazon so if they get it from them i will be getting a refund as amazon don't have the item

    That's Flubits own company so you'll be fine.

    say you light a rocket and it don't go "bang" do you have to go and find the darn thing to take it back?

    You'll be fine here - Fireworks Merchant Limited is Flubit's own seller, and fulfill orders via dropshipping arrangements with a range of retailers. Very often (but certainly not always) your items will ultimately arrive from Amazon, just as if you'd ordered from them directly.

    fireworks merchant is flubit and anytime I have had stuff from them it's always been an Amazon package that turns up. never had any bother with them

    Made over 10 orders from them and never had a problem.
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    I would never consider using them again. I wanted to order an item which I needed for Christmas, but has been cheaper according to camelcamel price history. Flubit offered it 10% cheaper so I thought it would be worth it. Big mistake.

    The item was fulfilled by fireworks, which had a seller on amazon send something out with their normal amazon marketplace receipt. Well, the item wasn't correct, and the email address and phone number on the packaging was bogus. Putting in a support ticket with Flubit just has them tell you 'I'll look into it', ignoring the details and questions you ask. Now they just don't reply at all. The Flubit help clinic responds quickly but just says that they'll get 'fireworks merchant' to respond. 1 1/2 weeks and nothing.

    I asked them to send the correct item by Christmas, or refund my money, otherwise I will ask my credit card company to dispute the charge. The item doesn't have next day delivery from Amazon, and isn't guaranteed in time from ebay, so I'll need to buy it from a department store for twice the price.
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