any one watch ufc last night ?

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Found 9th Sep 2007
i was just wonder if anyone watched ufc last night ? i really wanted micheal bisping to win probally like every other person from uk , but after the fight last night i think the ufc is a fix , theres no way bisping should have won that fight , i wanted to see him win and so did all the other plp in the arena but no one wanted to see a unfair fight .

sorry for babbling x

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I Dont think UFC was a fix, i thought that Bispin lost as well, but its the way they score it, for takedowns, punches etc.

they got all of the other matches right I think.

The one with the Deaf American guy.

Pure joke, the British guy was just a joke and did most nothing the whole match, the american showed all the aggression, connected the most punches and got all the takedowns i believe.

It was in Britain so pretty much think thats the only reason he won.

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i agree the other matches were fair but the reasons that you mentioned are the reason he did lose, hamill had more effective striking, he mounted bisping and was in either side or half guard for alot of the fights and he rocked bisping on a few occasions, i could go on about how hamill was the clear winner, like the fact he pushed the fight and bisping isnt a counter fighter so he was backin up. AND i think that the ufc need to protect bisping as he has international intrest too.

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yeah thats what i think haggis

I had that match @ 2-1 to hammal. I think they give it 2-1 to bispin.

I think they should have HERB DEAN V BIG JON "BATTLE OF THE REFS"

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i have a pic of me and mr herb dean also bisping , big john , and big joe rogan , i have got a little pea head next there heads there huge
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