Any one who knows more about salvage cars ? different categories

    I was taken by one of my friend to a salvage yard to select a car and then get it fixed, But i noticed there was terminologies such as category C and D and cleared used. I tried to find it out from my friend he also dont know only he knows is it is accident vehicle. I would like to know what is the minus point in buying those cars will my insurance amount go up if iam insuring these cars, and they said there is a charge of 38 pounds to get the log book. If any one could kindly elaborate details about it please. Which category is the minor accident ones.

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    Category A
    A vehicle that has been written-off and which must be completely destroyed. It cannot be used for dismantling into its parts .

    Notification of Destruction required. (To be crushed). Recorded at DVLA & HPI

    Category B
    A vehicle that has been written-off but where it's parts may be re-used. However, the body shell cannot be re-used and must be destroyed.

    Notification of Destruction required. (Parts can be removed and sold). Recorded at DVLA & HPI

    Category C
    An insurance write-off mainly due to the cost of repair would be greated than the value of the car. It is suitable to repair to make it roadworthy.

    Can be sold for repair but must now have VIC inspection.
    Recorded at DVLA & HPI.

    Category D
    An insurance write-off for other reasons as the repair costs may be less than the value of the vehicle. It is suitable to repair to make it roadworthy.

    Recorded with HPI.

    Category X
    A vehicle which is not listed as being damaged on the HPI register, or one which may have very little damage. Often these are vehicles that have been stolen and then recovered.

    Does not effect insurance but most are recorded so decreases the car value alot!! You can get some which are not recorded!! Log books are supplied with salvage cars!! May need to get a VOSA check (MOT) for CAT C cars!! Only CAT c and D are repairable!!

    You are heading into quite a minefield here. This is something where you need to know what you are doing otherwise this can become an expensive project. cars are cheap at the moment, why do you want to do this?

    the resale value will be low when you sell, and most people will stear clear of buying afraid of the unknown.

    yeh make sure u select a car which can sell in da future

    Yep....something like a a Lexus IS.... thats a safe bet...

    Cat D is a pretty safe bet (normally needs bumpers etc), Cat C I wouldn't bother with, seen some right nightmares. How the insurance companies can classify half a car as a C is beyond belief. As for unrecorded, definitely one to avoid unless you REALLY know what you're looking at.

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    Thanks a lot everyone.
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