Any Orange San Francisco users out there - couple of questions please?

    Thinking of getting one of these for Mrs EliTom for Christmas but her last experience with an Android phone was not favourable.

    We tried an LG Optimus GT540 running Andriod 1.9 but the screen was too small and she could not easily read the font - nor could I - factor of being late 40s guess

    Anyway what I want to know about the SF...

    1. Can you change the default font size and can you have black text on a white background for things like contacts and sms messages. We both found that white font on a black background is not so easy to read.

    2. What is teh camera like - average for a mobile or below average. I am guessing its not going to be up there with the high end Sony ericssons / LGs

    The main concern is readability of the display.

    She would really like an iPhone but her cuurent really cheap O2 contract with CPW does not support iPhone and she does not want to pay iPhone money !!!

    Oh and yes I have been into two Orange Shops to try and look at one - neither had one on display




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    I dont own one personally but i hear good things about the screen. If not on the phone theres probably some mod/hack to increase font size although i would think it would take away some of the functioning of a touch screen. The camera isnt great (from what ive read) but isnt terrible either, but if you take the odd photo now and again it should suffice

    i have one, its easily the best 90 or so pounds I have ever spent and I do say without exaggeration and with due thought.

    I have mine flashed to a Froyo (Android 2.2) rom and its very stable and responsive. the camera, like most android phone's (bar the real stand-out devices) is reasonable but nothing special, adequate for me though and I am a bit of a photographer in my spare time.

    re the display, it is incredibly clear, i'm in my mid 30's with not brilliant vision and i find it excellent. also some apps have font sizing capaibilities.

    as you hinted at tho', probably best to hunt down stock in a shop and have a play ;-)

    Screen good.. Camera not so good ....

    I got my boyfriend one for his bday . Its good easy to use. Camera is ok in the light but rubbish in bad lit places
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