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Any other ways to contact Spigen UK other than their "Contact Us" online form?

Posted 22nd Oct 2014
As title says...

Pre-ordered an iPhone case for 6 plus and still waiting after 12 days. When I placed my order their details said " Dispatched within 8-10 working days" , now they say "In Stock In November 5". Now I want to get another colour, price and model are the same.

I emailed them using their contact us form but haven't heard anything yet from them?

Any advice appreciated.
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First of all, it's worth checking if you've got any emails from them in your junk folder.

If nothing, then perhaps try sending them a direct message through their page on Facebook. I find that companies are pretty good about response times there.
Not sure if this is any help, but here are the address/email details from one of their eBay listings (they are on eBay and Amazon, maybe try through their contact forms aswell?)

Tim's Global Limited
Unit 9, Bromley Hall
43 Gillender Street
E14 6RN
United Kingdom

I checked my junk folder. no reply from spigen...
I have emailed them on the email sales email from paypal...lets see what happens

anyway thanks for the replies guys...
Get a refund, as my brother got one from them on the 21st October preorder and I got one from aliexpress they are both identical, look and feel the same inside and out.

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