Any owners of Lord of the Rings RISK - Gondor & Mordor version? help please.

Found 10th Dec 2012
I have the OLD standard version (in a red box), dug out and played with some friends over the weekend. There were four players so the map was a bit crowded, when looking into the Gondor & Mordor expansion set we found that they are selling for obscene amounts of money on the bay due to 'rarity'.

The NEW standard version (in a blue box) incorporates the larger board with Gondor and Mordor ordinarily, and is about £25 to buy.

In true scrimping student fashion, rather than fork out stupid money, we are going to attempt to make our own playing board extension!

If anybody owns the game with the large board, I'm after a photograph to see in detail what it looks like, and information about any additional ring cards which apply to the relevant new territories.

Fingers crossed for any help, feel free to laugh and mock the 'nerdism' !

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One does not simply copy a Lord of the Rings game from a photo,
make sure you 'copy-right'
That is true student scrimping style. Wish I could help but sadly can't.
We will obviously include an element of artistic license so our version will be 'loosely based on' as opposed to a 'copy'. One of the players is an architecture graduate so he will be doing all the hard work! We really just want the place names!!
ha was it bad enough to play Risk in the first place.... you now want to play **** risk! Ask Santa for xmas!
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