Any owners of the Acer m3201 pc that was advertised on here?

    Hi i have the above pc and was wondering if anyone knows the wattage of the power supply?might be putting in a 8800gt inside it,it currently has a 8600gt inside.



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    If it's this one it states … If it's this one it states 300W

    mine is the quad core one

    has it not got it on side of psu

    saying that I can practically say it will be underpowered for what they built you.

    650-700w 24 amp on the 12v line is lowest I would go with that system especially if it's an Intel Quad-Core, get higher 750w and lots of amps on the 12v lines/ lines if you can

    Can I just jump into this thread to ask some other questions about this PC? Hope you don't mind.

    OK, first of all I couldn't find a vista dvd inside the packaging, anyone know if I'm missing a copy? What do you do if you need to re-install the os?

    I run spybot and it found 12 trojans under the name partnerbho, this was pre-installed by acer. I don't think it's malicious (hope not) but it's in the registry and some entries appear hard to remove maybe because they are in the registry bit. Anyone else looked into this? I think it might be something to do with the pre-installed google software or something.

    Lastly, the PC has a acer sticker over the case join saying that breaking it will viod the warranty, that's well annoying as many of us will be looking to make internal upgrades. Anyone know what the deal is on that and whether you actually will void the warranty if you open up the case?

    Hopefully people who brought this machine will respond as this could be a good thread for us owners in the future and for reference.
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