Any painters and decorators on here?

    Cant get rid of some annoying water stains on the ceiling using regular emulsion paint. Was looking into stain remover/block paints but they all seems to be solvent-based. Does this mean i need to use a special primer on top of that before i put the emulsion over it?.

    Was specifically looking at this:…755


    cover the stain with a light coating of oil based paint such as gloss and once that has dried just paint normally with emulsion

    As the above poster said, you need to paint over the stain with gloss paint or stain cover paint then paint over with emulsion once dried.

    I used ordinary white gloss paint and worked fine.

    Try this... here
    You can then just paint over. It's a little expensive but works......


    Try this... hereYou can then just paint over. It's a little expensive but … Try this... hereYou can then just paint over. It's a little expensive but works......

    I second the Zinnser stain block. Really good quality product that I have used on several problem areas with good results.

    Yes u can just paint over the stain after using that stain block some stubborn stains still need 2 or 3 coats but make sure it's properly dry otherwise it's waste of money stain block isn't cheap either

    I've used Polycell damp seal spray on similar problem and just emulsioned when it was dry.

    Hard to beat Zinsser B.I.N or cover stain for water stains.

    If you have any oil based Undercoat / satin wood or eggshell paint around then thin with a drop of white spirit and brush on stain and leave to dry 48 hours. It don't always work as some stains will come through, especially if it from heating leak because the acid/oil in the water will still bleed through. Thats the cheap way. I carry zinnser cover stain. Not the zinnser bin. Buy the spray tin from screwfix and warm it up in a bucket of hot water. When tin is body warm shake well and it will spray lovely. Stink a bit for about an hour. Leave for 4+hours and paint with your emulsion. Oh. Cover your stuff in cheap plastic and open window when you spray Takes about 30 seconds to spray.

    Oh. There is no waterbased stain block on the market. There are some like zinnser 123 that's water based but that's for old, aged. Sun damaged product or degraded and bleached type stains. You will only get rid of stains with an oil based/resin type stain block

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    Gone for the Zinsser, thanks all

    Don't use straight from garage or shed when it cold.
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