Any PC Experts around?


    I need some help with a pc problem ive had for the past few days and despite being all over the net and finding plenty of threads on sites about the problem I cannot find a fix for it. So knowing how helpful people on this site are im looking to see if anyone can recommend a good pc advice site or indeed if there are any experts on here.

    The basic problem is that lots of the programs on a vista os laptop wont open and most display an error, t"he application has failed to start as its side-by-side configuration may be incorrect". Itunes displays an "itunes was not installed correctly please reinstall error 7 windows error 14001. This is despite these programs having been used for a while and me having un-install / re-install the programs.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can recommend any sites that could help



    reformat time, reinstall windows



    reformat time, reinstall windows

    ^ This. Most probably a virus


    get your precious pictures and other information saved to a disk or thumb drive now, while you can

    Just before you try reinstalling back-up your data and follow this link and download the exe one]http//ww…tml probably will not work but worth a try.

    Try a system restore, if you get an error when trying to run system restore reboot and keep pressing f8 and restore from there.

    If you cant restore from there ctrl-alt-delete and cancel any and all processes that you dont recognize and try to open system restore again.

    If you have no restore points Your prob going to have to reformat it.

    There is a way of restoring your file link system from the vista disc , but I can.t remember how it's done , sry. (im not talking about sys restore)
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