Any PC Left 4 Dead players here?

    Add me **AFX**


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    Ack no one? well it is late ;D

    Not on right now as I'm on shift this weekend unfortunately...great game though, got the PC version.


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    Yeah i bloody love it!! might cya on sometime add me bud to Steam Friends

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    My boyfriend is always playing this. He has headphones and yells into the microphone. It's such a turn off!

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    Noway it's a turn on! YEAHHHH! (in a growling shouty way!)

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    Wow thought there would be more people on here playing this, oh well.

    maybe on 360, not on pc

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    Yeah i would rather play this game using a controller....NOT! ;/

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    bumpy again ;D

    Well I will buy it eventually. Just rather bitter that I missed the chance to get it at Amazon for £19.99 - Bought so many games at the time I couldn't justify it.

    I have it on the 360 and love it, have thought about getting it on pc as well, might do when i get bored of it on the 360 and have a new game for the 360.

    Yep, OH and me play it nearly everynight on the PC.
    I love left for dead.

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    L4D is my GOTY! what a bloody blast! this is the first time i have been addicted to an online game since BF2!


    mine is sbonera

    add me if you like.. I hope your a co-op player and stick with your team! it annoys me when people run off then expect help! loll

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    Nein use a mic and stick with team untill i blast their bottoms due to me being drunk ;D
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