Any PC speaker recomendations? PC Sound damping through floors

Posted 6th May
Using headphones at present as it's not easy to adjust the volume during games etc. using my monitor.
The headphones do get heavy and uncomfortable after a while as well.

Looking for something small and decent sounding, but not too expensive.
Odd bit of game playing, but mostly internet, films and music.
Need to be able to physically adjust the volume.
Will most likely be plugged into the PC rather than Bluetooth, but that's an option should I want to play from my phone, travel with it/them etc.
Nothing too big eith. Not masses of room on my desk, so no more than 5-6" high I suppose to fit under my monitor.

Was considering picking up one of the Anker Soundcore speakers, but would a left / right set work out better?

Prices seem all over the place from £20-£100+.

Secondly, the noise from my PC.
It's fairly quiet and not intrusive, but this one as with my previous one, seems to cause a low frequency drone through the house.
If you're downstairs, it seems to get amplified through the walls and floorboards and can be fairly noticeable.
Have tried sticking the PC in different places, using multiple layers of acoustic material to try and dampen anything from the case, but to no avail.
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I just have some £25 logitech ones but i allways just use my arctis 7's. Ridiculous comfortable and easy to adjust game / chat volumes.
On the second point, all you need to do is to isolate the PC from the floor. The cheapest and easiest way to accomplish that is to buy a pack of dish scrubber sponges (on the left in this image:…tml) , double them up (scrubber side to scrubber side), and have at least a pair per corner. Anything that helps lessen the vibration passed from your PC to the floorboards will do the trick.
Use a sound bar
If the headphones get too heave of uncomfortable after a while it's most likely not the headphones...
Last time I had a droning noise coming from my PC, I had to replace one of the 3.5'' drives. You need to find the problem, and not just move your PC around the house. You can use any speaker connected via aux cable to the back of your monitor/PC.
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