any peep show fans here?

    Just finished watching all seasons (excellent stuff)

    just wondering what other things David Mitchell has featured in and where to find his best work worth watching?



    Peep show is his best work (apart from quiz shows) All the rest usually ends up a bit flat as they have written it themselves!


    Yeah I agree with cdm22.

    Peep show is by far their best work.

    The Mitchell and Webb show is by in far terrible!!

    Original Poster

    ahh, i was going to watch the mitchell and webb look to see what thats about!

    Magicians, a film they done together.

    Don't watch magicians or the Mitchell and Webb magic will be lost (see what I did there!)

    Their scetch show has some funny scetches such as the Sherlock Holmes ones, sir chicken Cesar digby and numberwang but the rest not so much.

    I like you love peep show but the rest of their work falls flat for me.

    Anyone seen the Peter serenifowicz (sp?) show. Now that is funny!

    10 o'clock Live channel 4 I think it starts in 2 weeks time.

    Peep Show is the extent of their brilliance, though Mitchell is great on BBC panel show 'Would I lie To You'. I would avoid anything else.

    Peep show is by far the best mitchell and webb look is not worth watching but I do like robberts web


    Nobody's mentioned Robert Webb in The Smoking Room


    10 o'clock Live channel 4 I think it starts in 2 weeks time.

    Looks good, same line up as the alternative election coverage on channel 4.

    Just seen Charlie Brooker's screenwipe 2010, pretty funny.

    David Mitchell has a few rants on youtube which are funny. David Mitchell's soapbox is the name you should search for.
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