any phone buffs ? help need plz

    i gave my old phone w880i on orange to my mom whose on t-mobile , i paid orange to unlock it and my moms sim works fine only she cant send picture messages or recieve one. it comes up with communication error when sending and please go to the tmobile web site and type in this code when someone trys to send her a picture ?


    Best to contact T-Mobile to get them to send the settings

    I am on Virgin and I had to set up the facility with them. and they then send activation texts to your mobile. Check out the T Mobile website and if not give them a call.

    You need to get the T Mobile settings sent to your phone : ]http//su…ORT

    If your getting the 'go to a website' to get mms's it's usually down to the acc not having mms enabled. You need call them and get it added and then send the setting to the phone. Everything 'should' work after that.

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    thanks everyone , went to tmobile website and they just sent a free text message with the settings x
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