Any photographers on here? Need some help

    Just need a bit of help from anyone that knows anything about photography as I am useless lol

    I am going to be doing some drift racing next week and thought I would take my DSLR so my mate can take some pictures for me save me buying pictures their as they want £20 each so not wanting to waste money.

    I have a Nikon D40 and want to know what options and shutter speed etc do I need to set the camera up so I can get some decent pictures? I want the pictures to be shot so that they show speed and any tyre smoke that may appear rather than just having flat photos

    Hopefully someone can help


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    Well what lenses do you have?

    Sorry, that would of helped, bit of a noob on the camera front lol

    Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm Kit Lens
    Sigma 55-200mm 1:4-5.6 HSM

    To capture fast moving with minimum blur you need a high shutter speed but this will stop the wheels as well. The only way to capture a clear pic with motion on the wheels,etc is to move with the subject and press the shutter whilst moving, this along with a slower shutter speed will blur the background and turning wheels...takes practice though so get out alongside your local motorway and try it!

    Try to use a tripod on all the shots and paintshop pro will be your friend.

    I'd recommend against using high shutter speeds as this will freeze the motion of the vehicle such as here:

    I incorrectly used a very high shutter speed which meant the car looks like it's parked on the track when it was actually racing by. Comparatively, this shot is at a much lower shutter speed and panning the camera with the motion of the car:

    The settings you can get away with will depend on the day, if it's fairly bright and you can get away with using a smaller aperture (bigger F number) then I'd recommend doing so as more of the picture will be in focus making it easier to capture shots. If you've got a decent amount of storage space I'd stick the camera on burst mode and fire off bursts of shots as each vehicle goes by as that way you give yourself a much better chance of getting a good shot.


    Use a shutter speed of about 1/250, set your camera to shutter priority tro make it easy for you.
    Set camera focus to Ai Servo
    Set to continuous/burst mode
    Also you need to pan the image, basically track the car in the viewfinder as you're pressing down the shutter, this will keep the car in focus but blur the background, keep panning as you press.

    Here's a guide I just found…tml

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    by really slow i mean 30-40mph not snails pace

    Leanin to the side but you can't spead through, Two miles an hour so everybody sees you.
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