Any Plumbers on Here????


Can you help me please????

The pipes in the house make an awful, it's at it's worse when the toilet has just been flushed. We've nick-named it the bagpipes!

Do we need to get a plumber out to sort it or is it something we can do ourselves?

We have a combi-boiler which i've checked the pressure and it's 'normal'.




probably need to flush the system through by draining it and refilling it.

pretty simple job - see google

could be as simple as changing the inlet valve on your toilet cistern, it is connected to the mains so therefore has nothing whatever to do with your heating system. The only thing they share is the cold water mains feed.

Turn the water off and dismantle the cistern valve, easy to do just dont force anything. You can buy a refurb kit for a few quid or another couple of quid will get you a new valve completely. My guess would be that it is the problem

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Thank you so much. Heat & rep added for you.

Im not a plumber, but from a physics point of view, the noise you are hearing is likely caused by the water pipes resonating as the water flows. Basically something in your water system is creating vibrations at the resonant frequency of the system. Best guess would be either a faulty/partially blocked valve or a partial blockage in the pipes causing turbulence.

Should be fairly easy to figure out using a process of elimination, never tried it myself, but try attaching something heavy to the pipes, like a large vice grip spanner (not too tight!), that should change the resonant frequency of the pipes, if the noise goes away or is reduced (or for that matter increased!) then you know that's your problem
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