any plumbers out there can give useful advice please

    Cut a very long story short my mum is going to rent a place for 6 months whilst she finds the right place to buy.At the moment the place she is going to rent doesnt seem to have a washing machine.How easy etc is it to plumb a washing machine say into a garage etc.It seems the couple before didnt have a washing machine.
    Any useful info be helpful


    Would depend on how near the supply and drain is, and would the rental people want that sort of work doing?


    bummer i thought the thread said any plumpers........

    You need access to 3 things, a mains cold water pipe, and waste outlet and some electricity, if you can see all of these near by, or even in a nearby room then it will be relatively simple to install.

    Most landlords should look favourably on a request to sort out a washing machine point.

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    Cheers for the info any other useful advice.
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