Any plumbers/electrician about please

    Ok guys as it's coming into the winter and times are hard

    We have a storage heater/manual heater in the living room, you can have it on over night which stores as let's the hear out during the day or you can switch it on/off to pump out hot air. I'm sure plumbers have a circular spinny disc things that they can work out things like this lol

    The storage heater is the Dimplex CXL n and I was thinking of getting a 2kw oil filled radiator instead as it might work out cheaper to run.

    The rooms dimensions is 13ft x 12ft - height is 9ft

    One storage heater V 2kw oil fill radiator.....

    Which will be more energy efficient ?

    Rates are:
    Rate 1 14.60 pence (roughly 15p)
    Rate 2 7.91 pence (roughly 8p)



    This isn't a question for a plumber, more an electrician

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    This isn't a question for a plumber, more an electrician

    I suppose, changed the title

    Theoretically all the electricity is converted to heat in both... The storage heater will preserve the heat generated whilst the electricity is cheap better than the OFR, but a certain amount will be used heating the house at night. The real issue is how effective the insulation in the house is - if its good, then the NSH will be a better solution, but if the heat is rapidly lost through poor insulation, the OFR will provide a more powerful source of heat when you are most likely to need it - the morning and the evening.

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    We don't use the storage heater at all to store the heat thru the night we only use the manual part of it

    Well really then any electrical heater is the same in the sense that they only produce heat from the energy - so if its 2kW, you are making 2kW of heat per hour... The oil radiator might produce the heat in a more effective way though, in the sense it can be moved about to exactly where its needed and retains the heat for a while after its been turned off.

    I would have thought the storage heater would be more efficient moneywise as it heats up the bricks inside and they slowly release the heat into the room during the day. They take an age to heat up though (which is why they work great with economy 8, and night time). Once heated up the electricity isn't being used where as an oil radiator yanks power all the time it's heating the room.

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    But if you charge up a storage heater it pumps heat out during the morning/afternoon when your at work, then when u get home all the charge is gone by 6pm

    I have nothing but night storage heaters in the rooms of my flat .They work well and the place is always warm , but I have economy 7 . So, the heaters are heated up through the night at cheap rate .If you are going to use other heaters through the day , you'll be paying a higher price for your electricity . I would stick with your NSH's but turn them down .
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