Any pro photographers on here? I need advice please!

    I need to photograph a few items made from steel. The problem I have is with the reflections on the surface of the items.

    Is there a specific lens to help in this situation? I understand polarisation lenses reduce reflections to a degree, but i *think* this doesnt apply to metal objects?

    I have bought a small photo tent with some budget 'natural' lights, but its not really good enough.

    Has anyone tips on how to improve how the metal surfaces appear in the photos, while reducing reflection? Is there a specific filter which would help?



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    Thanks for the link, but i was hoping for a way to also photograph spherical items, not just blocky ones.

    His white blocks work well for the grater as he can cover the 2 reflective directions. For spherical items the whole surroundings need replacing, which is why i bought the photo tent......but its not working as well as i had hoped.

    I think I need some better lights, but was hoping there would be a filter which would aid also.

    Anyone know of a way to get decent bright lighting, for use with the photo tent, on a budget?
    I have previously used halogen site lamps, but theyre too directional and very yellow.
    I then bought some 'natural' lights, but theyre not strong enough (20w energy savers 6400k - 6 of). tempted to build a frame around the tent and install some flurorescent tubes into it....
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