Any problems going through Carphone warehouse as opposed to network provider

Found 15th Nov 2013
Looking to upgrade my phone. As Orange are offering me a terrible upgrade deal and won;t budge i have decided to move companies. Looking at either the HTC One or Galaxy S4. Can get it from Vodafone at £33/month, but if i get it from Carphone Warehouse on Vodafone you can get it for £29/m. Are there any cons to going through carephone warehouse?
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phone should be unlocked to any network from carphone warehouse, might not be from Orange
sorry Vodafone*
I'm not bothered about Orange. I'm ending my contract with them as its the worst deal out there. Part our ways after 8 years.
also if you get a htc one, try and get the hd media link chucked in :-)

Nothing wrong with going with 3rd party resellers, often cheaper than the networks, but CPW do tend to be more expensive than some other resellers

Try searching with uswitch.com/ mobiles or moneysupermarket and chances are you will get a better deal than the cpw deal, you could even still get a better deal with orange via these search sites as they seem to offer better deals than the network providers, it's easier to keep your number. Wife did it with o2 she just phoned them told them she had started a new contract, they just swapped her to the new price plan, no 30 day notice and no charges
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Got a HTC One a few weeks ago on T-Mobile as I was on Orange too and prices they quote are outragious @ £27/month+£49.99 for 600 min,unlimited txt and data from mobilephonesdirect.Swapped the number across without issues a few days after receipt.
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I have recently attempted to go through phones $u on a contract renewal, I was told the phone was in stock, payment was taken and promises made. Some days later I contacted them to be told that they didnt have stock and have no way to refund my money. I have singe been sent an email telling me that my phine will be delivered but in place of a date, the word "date" appears. Phones 4u dont seem to know or care what they are doing, as such, I will only ever renew through my network provider. Carphine may be different, so I cannot comment on them.
Try out omio.com as they show prices for a range of handsets from different companies. I have often been able to haggle with phones4u on the phone who offer more flexibility than carphonewarehouse. They have often agreed to match other retailer offers in addition to quidco. I have upgraded with both and had no problems with either. I would recommend searching around as there are often additional extras like free speakers or experience days from retailers. Newer handset like the Samsung Note 3 has free a Galaxy Tab 3 or Galaxy Gear Smartwatch thrown in also.
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