Any programmes to fake a hi tech displays for movies ?

    A bit of along shot, but...

    My daughters shooting a movie and need a number of displays to look 'techy'. Something will moving displays and graphs all moving in real time.

    I'd think there's a way to make excel do it somehow ? But are there are movies makers out there who know if there's any software to fake up this kind of thing ?


    I'd probably just animate what I wanted in flash. you could maybe do a fast power point presentation tho and set it to auto play / loop. what sort of thing are you looking for? for graphs / oscilliscope type things, you could maybe use a winamp visualisation displaying the output from a simple sound file.

    Yeh, I think brufterman's idea of an a/v software running will give the quickest results for minimal effort

    You could perhaps take clips from existing movies which use such effects and use them yourself.

    So find a clip from a movie (on youtube or somewhere) which has some 'techie' bits in and edit out the bit you want.

    I like bruffterman's idea too. If you can somehow create the graphics (in powerpoint or wherever), you could use a screen recording program (loads out there, google for them) to get an actual video file of the animation. AFAIK powerpoint doesn't let you save a slideshow as a video file but i may be wrong - don't use it very often myself.

    Good luck! :thumbsup:

    edit: another idea.. it's not uncommon to see what you're talking about in games. If you have a suitable PC game installed on your computer, you could use a screen recording program to record the bit you want.

    I got as far as 'My daughters shooting a movies'

    It's called playback and flash is great at that but can be overkill for low budget
    try a screen saver - loads of matrix charachter display ones on the internet
    visualisations from itunes/ wmp/ winamp etc
    the graphical outputs from [email protected] or [email protected] etc
    fsck running in a loop on a terminal
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