Any promotional deals for Setanta Sport ?

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Found 14th Jul 2008
A mate of mine is going to get Setanta Sport, so I said I'd find out if there were any deals for new subscribers by asking you what was available.
Quidco will offer £15 and that's all I've found !
Any help would be appreciated.

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I havent had an introductory offer but everytime i phone to cancel (3 times now) ive been offered 3 months for a fiver

Does he have Sky, Virgin, Freeview etc?

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Sky................Thanks for replying !

I don't know this for definite but I'd be surprised if they didn't have some offers coming up soon with the new football season about to start.

Not much in the way of advice but tell your mate to stay clear of Satan..ta.
He'll have a hell of a job trying to cancel in the future.

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Any more ?

Again my advice would be to sign up, pay your 2 months, as that's the silly terms, then phone up, and they will almost certainly do you a deal, as said 3 x £5 or 6 x £7.50, but if you really haggle they should give you the 6 for £5, they can't afford to lose customers at the minute if you believe what you read

And even though they are shyte, England games, FA cup and Premier league, hands are tied if you want to see the games!

Just buy one of them boxes of ebay for £100 and get everything free ;-)


Just buy one of them boxes of ebay for £100 and get everything free ;-)

There not the easiest things to use though, especially when you need to update the patches on the boxes, and the biggest problem, it's illegal!

Just been on the Setanta website and satellite customers pay £6.50 for first 3 months with offer code 3650 if you sign up before 6 August. Still have to pay the connection charge and it goes back to the usual £12.99 a month on the fourth month.

I was tempted to sign up but I've read about the nasty experiences some people have had with them on here so just going to go for sky sports

for a £14.99 connection fee (everytime you want to sign up), and £12.99pm i know my money would go to better use than Setanta!!

But, then again, when you work for them you dont need to pay any of that! :whistling::whistling:

DO NOT TOUCH SETANTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just tried to subscribe despite reading all the nightmare stories and a previous bad experiance personally with them. I tried only because it is the only way to get Arsenal TV.

After getting though and asking to subscribe my details where taken down only to then be told they are having problems with the signal in my area and I need to phone CS.

Sounded like cobblers to me and the operator didn't even know what he was doing or how to connect me.

I said forget it and taken the CS number incase I changed my mind.

I tired Customer services despite knowing I was paying 10p/min for the priveledge of having to be on hold for ages to give them my custom. I finally get through and explain everything. The CS sounded like he was lost and didn't know what he was doing. He mumble something (probably offensive) and blatantly hung up on me!!!!!!!

Now did I have a lucky escape from Setanta by their incompetance in not knowing how to subsribe/connect me?

Who are these guys employee...... they are losing business due to their staff not knowing how to do anything and being damn right rude. Their base of operations but be a holiday camp for the local teenagers or something. A place to go where you have a laugh, pick up the phone now and then and hang up. then go home with a pay packet?!?!?!? Sounds that way!

WHY ARE COMPANIES CONNECTING THEMSELVES TO SETANTA like Arsenal TV. The bad reputation is something Setanta are bringing about and If I was Arsenal Tv I wouldnt want it rubbing off onto my business!


Just buy one of them boxes of ebay for £100 and get everything free ;-)

What box would that be, anyway you could point me in the right direction? :thumbsup:
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