Any proper, decent Wii games out there?

All the Wii games seem to be easy, interactive family games or games based on some film or other.
Anything worth having. - we like things like Zelda, Age of Empires, Dynasty Warriors, Pokemon, Yugioh.
No sports, more RPG/strategy types. What's good?


What you should do is sell your Wii get a 360 or PS3 and buy yourself Fallout 3.

Nah seriously, have a look at some of these:

You should get Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime or final fantasy chocobos dungeon

I know you said games based on films but The Godfather is a great game,Scarface is good but its pretty hard IMO

I have PS3, but WII Is fantastic piece of Hardware,

get the following mario kart, Zelda (a must), but to be honest the wii sports that comes with the WII is excellent, and remember to get Mario

Fifa 09, Tiger Woods 09, Mario Kart (although that is not hard) and Wii Fit (that one is realllllly hard - I'm still not slim)
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