Any ps3 gurus?

    So i got me a ps3 ! Having great fun with it but was wondering a few things..

    1. What are the best settings for the DVD upscaler? Or is it a matter of changing the settings for each tv?

    2. What are the implications of buying US games? Can i only play online against US people?

    3. I know alot of blurays are region free, and have been on a site where they list the titles, where is the cheapest place to buy them?

    Thanks in advance, anyone



    Can only say something about your second question, I only know regarding resistance, someone brought a Japanese PS3 and before the worldwide servers were brought in he said he could only play against the japanese.

    depends on the game and whether they have worldwide servers but i think all the games have the worldwide servers now.

    The Japanese are just too damned good at Ridge Racer!
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