Any reason not to buy an Xbox One ?

Found 25th Apr 2017
I have some CEX vouchers and was considering buying an Xbox One. Either Unboxed (£150) or Discounted (£145). I know GAME have the same one for £129, but don't have vouchers there.

Gaining the vouchers essentially cost me around £85.So I see it as getting the console for £85.

A PS4 is around £20 more than the XB1, so decided against that. Just wondering if there is any reason not to buy an XB1 ? Aside from exclusive games ?

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It depends on the model mate, the "S" has HDR capabilities & there is a new one out near the end of the year (4k gaming), but if you don't want any of that, fill your boots.
Xbox One with a 12 month Games with Gold & EA Access sub will pay for itself in free/rental games, they have really upped their game recently in this regard, plus Back Compat is great.

Personally I think PS4 is 500% stronger from an exclusive perspective, but that's just personal taste, both platforms have their own merits, clearly Scorpio is about to change the game, but Xbox One will run all games for the foreseeable future, it's a great machine, with a fantastic controller to boot, go get one.
The one in CEX is 500gb with no Kinect, probably the first model ? Is that a decent enough console ?

CEX do seem to drop prices on everything I buy, not long after I buy it.
Go for ps4 mate. My and my friend bought ps4 and xbox one in same time. After 1 month he sold xbox one

The one in CEX is 500gb with no Kinect, probably the first model ? Is … The one in CEX is 500gb with no Kinect, probably the first model ? Is that a decent enough console ?CEX do seem to drop prices on everything I buy, not long after I buy it.

Personally switched to ps4 this gen but atter of choice. Only problem i hear about with xb1 is controllers hve disconnection issues. How much is a 1s in cex mite b worth the extra investment
PS4 for me but then I own a PC so Xbox games are mostly available on that platform. PS4 does seem to have more exclusives with the Uncharted and Last of Us games etc.
There isn't reallyany reason not too - it's personal choice. Its 99% going to come down to games, so look at the exclusives released to date and forthcoming and choose from there. I was in the same boat as you, though opted to go for PS4 simply because my friends have it and I only really play multiplayer. That said, Xbox has back-compat, EA Access and their monthly gold is far superior than PS4 so far.
I've had ps4 and x1 since launch and have had no issues with either console. if you're set on buying a x1 though it would be worth getting the x1 s for the hdr capability. if you decided to buy from cex and choose the "discounted" option make sure you check out the console as they're discounted for a reason and mostly down to being cosmetically poor.
EA Access is the best feature this gen for me. Battlefield 1, star wars battlefront, every sports game (how hard is madden by the way!?) and 10 hour trials of their new stuff like Mass Effect which if your anything like me your lucky to get more than 10 hours into a game anyway!
The only thing that would make me wait is the scorpio but thats gonna cost a lot more than £130 of CEX vouchers!
It also depends on what games are available
PS4-Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of us
Xbox- Gears of War, Halo, Forza

I own both consoles (I know...im that guy).Its a much better operating system on Xbox, easier to navigate and just a lot cooler but its advertised more as an entertainment system than gaming, the PS4 Is basic but definitely better graphics.

An answer to your question, I highly recommend the Xbox, I had the original then went to Xbox One S, both great, Any reason not to buy it? I think only you can decided that. (_;)
Thanks for eveyone's input. I did have a PS4 at one point (forgot to mention that). At least now I know the XB1 isn't terrible. I have a decision to make.

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