any recent contract update from 3? need advices!!!

    hey'all, my 18-month contract wid 3 is about to end next month. i just called them asking for upgrade options. i was looking for sim only plans as i just got my nokia n900 recently. however if the price is >= 25 pounds and >= 12months. i wouldnt mind signing for another device. any recent upgrades from you guys? i just played hard balls wid them and so far it's not working. they are still bull sh*ting me with the sim only 15 plan. got any advices for this? anything will do. thx!!!


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    C'mon guys!!!really need some help

    don't do it, best thing i have done is move off 3

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    yep,the reception is really pain in the ass isnt it? but the price's kinda good.

    the prices are only good cause they use oranges signal, so they save by not putting masts up

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    if not three, anyone got any suggestions? i m looking for sim only plan for 30 days or 12 months wid at least 300 mins unlimited texts and unlimited internet(i know it's not really unlimited cuz of the policy but i think 1GB/mon would be enough) for less than 20 quid...

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