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Any recommendations for a "lockable" landline?

Posted 10th Mar 2014
Hi i would like to purchase a phone that enables me to somehow prevent a kid from dialling out as my provider cannot provide this service. I have been scoping available options and to no avail.

Many thanks in advance to any responses
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who are u with. not sure if it was the provider or the phone my cousins used to have to dial a code before a phone call tho so they couldn't make one with out my aunt putting the code in first
Hi thanks for your reply siouxie, i'm with Sky and they cannot do this for me which is really annoying as the contract has some time to go.

I'm aware that some cordless phones have the ability to be locked by holding down star button or some such but the extensive search is proving fruitless.
Buy an old retro dial phone & get a lock on it.
Phone Here
Lock Here

I have a BT phone that has a padlock on the # key. I just hold it down until the icon appears and the phone is locked. You hold the key down again to unlock it. So I would look for a handset with a padlock or a key symbol on it and it should work the same way.
Hi taswir 1, thanks for your efforts. Perfect.
Col67 Thanks also for your input. I will look into BT phones in that case and weigh it all up. Thanks again people

My parents have had four cordless phones from Argos (yes, they dont last long!) and all of them have had that padlock option...
Thanks speedy I assumed that if it wasnt listed on the item description then it wasnt a feature but i've managed to spot the little padlock symbol by zooming in on certain phones. Nice one.
Ha i remember hacking these old phones when we had one when i was a lad,we used to tap the button under the receiver to correspond to the number
Are you talking about stopping a 9 year old from ringing her mates? Or a 2 year old from ringing anything?

i have motorola cordless ones which i got from argos that have this function. argis probably your best bet
My mates parents used to have one of these in their house... Pretty effective, and plenty of scope to take the **** out of him for it too


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