Any recommendations for a phone for my wife?

Found 7th Aug
She has smashed her current phone which was a Honor Holly. It was a 5" phone and was getting a bit too slow anyway.

She found the size of her phone just right and says my mi A1 is too big (I was just going to get another mi A1).

She is not a power user. She uses it to check her emails, look at and post on Facebook, and send WhatsApp messages. (An occasional phone call too!)

Asking her what she least like on her old phone and she said the camera was a bit naff.

So a better camera (she'd be happy with the mi A1 camera) on a 5 inch phone ideally around £100.

Any thoughts?
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I would stick to Xiaomi.
Dont rule out bigger screens completely.
Many of the latest models have very thin, or no bezels + the new 18:9 displays mean the overall size is still as small, and can therefore be smaller or same size than many older 5" mobiles
The redmi 5 plus or similar variant probably best, hard to find 5" phones now thanks to the 18.9 ratio
Or if you don't mind going 2nd hand the Honor 8 will probably be near that price, near enough 5" and will be a camera improvement
Sony Z5 compact, 4.6 screen, 23mp camera. just got one for 140.00 0n fleabay, runs on nougate 7.1.1 but probably won't get 8.0.
* Edit * That is a brand New phone in a sealed box. Seller located in London with top feedback. Had several colors when I got mine.
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One that tracks her every interaction.
JumpMan19801 h, 14 m ago

One that tracks her every interaction.

We have trust,

Thanks to the other responses.

The Sony Z5 Compact looks to fit the bill nicely, I'm watching a few options with that. Otherwise I think it will be another mi a1 or a mi a2 lite.
I really love the look of the A2 Lite. The Z5 compact is 3 years old now and is really showing it.
The A2 Lite has a newer android version, higher resolution screen, double the ram and a 50% bigger battery + its far sleeker and its cheaper. To me its a no brainer
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