Any recommendations for an entry-level, budget smartphone?

    I'm trying to help friend of mine get a new phone, she has very little requirements: she would just like at least 2GB ram, and as many MPs in the camera as possible.

    Her budget is £100, but I was hoping someone might be able to recommend something along the lines of £150 so I can try and convince her the extra £50 would be worth it as I'm not convinced she can find a "fantastic" phone for that price. I am open to being proven wrong though!

    Thanks in advance everyone!


    Motorola G 4.

    Try this. Fantastic phone and spec. Well established manufacturer (Chinese phones which seen like good value can be a problem).…tml!colour=black&dealType=sf&capacity=16GB

    buy a refurbished s5

    I bought a Ulefone metal brand new from an uk based seller on ebay to replace my s4 for £87.

    I researched quite a few - Vernee Thor was another option.

    Had it since October. Brilliant phone. 3gb ram and dual sim or single sim and sd card. Build quality is amazing and comes with a case and glass screen protector.Only downside is the fingerprint scanner is hit and miss but I dont use that.

    This seller…754

    Im sim free now on a talk talk deal for 12 dabs a month. compared to my old EE contract im 30 odd quid a month up so even if I only get a year out of this its a massive saving.


    Try this. Fantastic phone and spec. Well established manufacturer … Try this. Fantastic phone and spec. Well established manufacturer (Chinese phones which seen like good value can be a problem).!colour=black&dealType=sf&capacity=16GB

    ​£129 lol

    Homtom HT6 £50 charge last 7 days.

    Just got a 'as new' Moto G 3rd Gen from o2 for about £75 for a family member who keeps dropping their phones! Good solid phone that looked pristine to me. It is good enough for them, especially as it will probably be in pieces within 6 months.

    iPhone 7 plus

    Fantastic phone and very popular on HUKD is the Xiaomi Note 3 Global It has:
    16mp camera, 3GB RAM, 32 ROM, Snapdragon 650 Processor, Full HD, Fingerprint Scanner, 4000mAH huge battery £130 delivered. Worth every penny and more

    £100 is a lot for "an entry-level, budget smartphone" in 2017 but then again so is 2GB RAM. Just because flagships now have 4GB doesn't mean entry level needs to have 2GB especially if running Android 6, so either your definition is skewed or you (and your friend) are not after an entry level.

    Alcatel Pixi 4, LG K8, Moto E and G series are decent entry level, some models even under £50. Display won't be full HD and RAM will be 1-1.5GB but these are perfectly usable and some will perform similarly to mid-tier phones in £150-250 range.
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