Any recommendations for Boilersuit/Overalls with long body

Found 5th Jul 2015
Ok I'm only 5'10" with short legs but I have quite a long body. I need to do some work under the house and don't want dust or insulation creeping in round my waist as I work crawling about.
So I want to buy a Boilersuit. However they never seem to mention body length and any I have tried don't fit me. Well then might but the family jewels may need removed and my inside leg increased wedgie style.
Can anyone recommend and long bodied overalls/boiler suits?
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dickies tend to have a good range but not sure without you trying. good luck, people underestimate how awkward being an odd shape is!
I bought some from amazon. cheapest that I could find anywhere. .good length in the body as I found the same size dikkies from screw fix where very tight around the jewels ...…1-2
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