Any recommendations for rechargeable batteries?

    Will need quite a few sets of AA and AAA for kids toys - for interactive toys so probably munch batteries quickly!

    Any recommendations/good deals you know about?

    Or ones to avoid?
    Ta x


    8 colourful £4.99 Lidl next week. Good spec and power doesn't disappear as they used to if not used for a while.

    The only answer from me, as you're looking for the best ones - the Sanyo eneloop.

    The amazon ones are exllent. Get a decent chargdr though…1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1482067088&sr=8-5π=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=aa+charger

    Seriously don't buy cheap ones, youll be forever charging them, buy something like the duracell, as high as possible on the Mha rating, you want over 2000Mha if possible, you won't regret paying extra, as they last ages. Toys like furbys eat batteries within 2 or 3 days, so cheap ones are pointless.

    Here are the duracell ones at 2300mah, just an example, but the higher the mah the longer they last, youll have to shop round to see if you can get cheaper…htm

    eneloop which is duracell or just the duracell rechargeable. Don't buy the the high capacity and make sure you use the discharge function on the smart charger that you will also need. 1400mah batteries are perfect. The higher capacity are a tiny tad bigger and don't have as many cycles. They don't fit to well in some things

    lidl is today , if your willing to pay for the best try eneloop batteries always get well-recommended

    Saw some Panasonic rechargeables in B&M they were in packs of two.

    If you don't already have a suitable charger, then a 7dayshop bundle of charger and batteries is worth a look.
    7dayshop's "Good to go" range are the low discharge versions.

    I've had several chargers over the years, until striking lucky getting the incredible Maha MH-C9000 WizardOne for a silly price from a local charity shop.
    Smart, it's smarter than I am! It's weeded out a number of older batteries that seemed to charge, but didn't, and it also indicates the capacity it put in, or can run a discharge test and report the actual capacity.

    One other thing, motor / torch (non-electronic) use can hurt NiMH, as discharging to extinction is far worse for them than for NiCd.

    It's also good practice to mark sets and keep them for use & charge together, as if they all get thrown in a box randomly the usage may be unbalanced (alternative, don't group them, but queue them first in first out to keep them reasonably even)

    You should not need to discharge NiMH, they do not suffer from memory.

    PS. For undemanding use, I've actually found the poundland rechargeables to be better than expected - not great on capacity (but, at least for the AA, equivalent to 7dayshop "ECO" range) and have good charge holding

    Eneloops. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
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