Any recommendations for replacement fans for an Xbox 360

    I own several xbox 360s, one of which has decided to 1 red 'ring' on me with an E74 error. Rather than sending it back to MS I've decided to try and fix it myself and in the process carry out some further upgrades, replacing the stock fans with quieter ones being one of them. I have bought the bits I need to fix the E74 error but was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what would be some good QUIET fans to stick in it.

    One of my 360s is round a friends house and it was pre-chipped and had some replacement fans, which are super quiet, installed before I bought it. So I know it is possible to have a comparitively silent 360! I just won't be seeing him for some time to open it up and have a look. I have a feeling they may have been akasa but I'm not sure, I may be confusing them with what I have in my PC. Anyway, any help would be appreciated. I know there are a lot of budding xbox modders on here who might also appreciate any responses!


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    bumpty bumpty bump bump bump bump

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    why is there never a frickin nerd when you need one? :whistling:

    Hello mate hows it going?

    Usually most people i know go for this type, they come in blue,green,red,white,yellow etc…tml

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    MarzBarz, don't worry mate, it wasn't the xbox I got from you! It was one of my previous ones which was giving up the ghost ages ago which is why I bought yours. It just took till last week for it to finally red ring!

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    Cheers for the links Marz, is there anything you can suggest that is even quieter though? As for this particular 360 a 7% noise reduction is still gonna be friggin loud!
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