Any Recommendations For Stable, Well-Priced S922X Or S905X3 Android Boxes?

Posted 21st Nov 2019Edited by:"louiselouise"
I've been looking at TV (Android) boxes the last week or so as I have the Beelink MiniMXIII (S905/2GB/16GB) which I've had for a few years, no updates as I hoped, but it's been a good media device.

Originally I thought I'd stay at the budget end. The newest budget Amlogic chip gadgets I'm seeing are S905X3, so my search took me to the X3 Pro (32GB) or Plus (64GB) - 4GB DDR4 RAM - made by UGOOS I think - can only see these on Aliexpress at the moment.

There's also the Beelink GT1 Mini-2 which is S905X3/4GB DDR4 too (made it into a Deal, HUKD didn't like it, oops).

This forum thread is quite helpful when looking for current suggestions (when I last looked on there a few years ago they were pretty scathing about ALL Chinese Android boxes, but they seem a bit more positive these days).

At the S922X end (which I'd like, but £90+ is pushing it) I was swayed by the Beelink GT King, and newer GT King Pro, but the forum thread above has a warning saying the GT King's Ethernet is unstable or doesn't work. Not sure about the Pro. Apparently there's also recent comments saying the Pro has been quietly underclocked because of stability issues.

Also, allegations that Beelink have "lied" about the GT1 Ultimate box (see also here), having 2GB RAM when it stated 3GB from sellers (missed that story till now).

Shame, as I thought Beelink were one of the more dependable TV box manufacturers.

X88 King sounds like an amazing deal for under £70 - S922X, 4GB DDR4/128GB, but it gets ripped apart on Freaktab and also from this Russian reviewer on Youtube (translation is a bit shonky but I think the poo emoji tells us everything).

The UGOOS AM6 Pro (4GB/32GB version) looks good and seems to get highly recommended, but I'd need to buy an airmouse for that, the remote is basic, bit disappointing to have to spend more as it's quite costly at £110-odd.

TL;DR: Anyone recommend S905X3 or S922X boxes (1000M LAN/4GB DDR4 RAM) that are stable and, hopefully with codes/promos available?

I'm one of those weird people who quite likes Android on the telly, so as much as I appreciate comments about LibreELEC and the like, they're not for me (and I'm only averagely-geeky enough, anyway).

*Btw, the links added are just for info - not necessarily the best prices.

Thanks, all
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