Any recommendations on a good deal for a good compact digital camera?

    Hi again all

    Just wondering if anyone can help. My sister has asked me to look for a new digital camera for herself for under £100. She's in her 20's, stylish, can sometimes be tech-savvy but lazy, girly, and unfortunately manages to break everything she owns! She wants it primarily to take photos of her kids, as well as sometimes on some of her nights out.

    I've browsed the site for any digital camera deals posted but I'm a bit bewildered by all the different tech specs of each camera so I have no idea what's best for my sister and what is good value for money/good offer.

    So I'm looking for:
    - High quality photos (and possibly good video)
    - Easy, quick to use
    - Good for taking photos of moving kids
    - Durable (She has dropped and broke her last 2 digital cameras!)
    - Stylish

    So I guess you can sorta see what I'm looking for.

    Any advice or help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!


    I have always found the canon brand a good sound all rounder

    Casio EX-G1 shockproof enough & waterproof enough eh?…mg/

    for a complementary phone look no further than the Motorola this baby can definitely be dunked in your favourite tipple with no lasting ill-effects ..note there's no dedicated camera button to to film underwater so you'd have to have activated videorec topside (water disrupts the surface charge on the touch screen and therefore touch screen controls) before going exploring underwater

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the tip on Canon cameras.

    The Casio EXG1 certainly would last her well considering it's durability! That's definitely an option. Not sure if she will appreciate the lack of an optical zoom and a small screen though.

    I really like Samsung's kinda new camera with the mini screen on the front and the large touch screen on the back, but I think that might be 'features over function'. Hmmm...
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